Make a Paracord Cross Necklace

Paracord Cross

I made this Paracord Cross Necklace for my grandson Lincoln. Thanks goes to Scott at Trails of Life who posted how to make this. If you haven’t checked out his blog yet you should, he consistently has great posts.

Trails of Life

I learned how to create a new paracord project at  The Paracord Cross consists of Square Crowned Sinnets with Diamond Knots finishing off the top and bottom.  I used four 6 ft lengths of 550 paracord (tan and red colors).  My attempt didn’t exactly turn out as expected, but I’m still pleased with the results.   I think the finished product is probably too large to actually serve as a necklace, but I might strap it to my backpack or hiking stick.  It would make a great conversation piece and could certainly open up witnessing opportunities.

The Paracord Cross Necklace took me about 2 hours to make, and it was my first one.  To view the video for making this project click here.

If you’re interested in making paracord crafts, you might also want to check out my from free resource on How to Make a Survival…

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