My Mission

My mission with 52 Sundays is to spend quality time each Sunday with the Lord.

I will;

LISTEN;  I will take time to read God’s word and learn His will.  The Bible is God’s love letter to us, expressing His tender thoughts to us.  It’s also a perfect blueprint for building the character God wants in all of us.  I will quiet myself and LISTEN.

TALK;  I will take time to pray, pray about everything.  My prayers will be more than “give me”, they will include confessions, praise, and thanskgiving.  My prayers will be of needs, not wants.  I will TALK to God more often.

PLAN;  I will take time to understand that we are to live according to God’s plan, not ours.  As I worship I will look for specific ways that I can do things that please God, my acts shall demonstrate that He is controlling my life.  I will follow God’s PLAN.

WRITE;  I will take time to really understand God’s word by writing about Scripture each Sunday.  My focus will be on what it means to me and how I can apply it to my life.  I will WRITE with a humble heart and a desire to carry out God’s plan.

Note;  Although I love to write, I have never done something like this before.  Comments and suggestions are welcomed as I start this journey of enlightenment.

Thanks for stopping by,  God Bless


17 thoughts on “My Mission

  1. This is not just a good blog site…it’s a GREAT one!!! Keep up the good work!! By the way, can I share some of your stuff to my Facebook page and other blog page?

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I would be honored if you shared my thoughts and writings. I also enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to more of your writings. I too would like to share some of your stuff if that is ok. Enjoy your days, Jay.

    1. You have blessed my day with this honor my friend! I thank you for the honor. I am very grateful and really enjoy your your site. Keep up the great work and enjoy your days.

  2. I too am new to blogging as it is a new medium to me although I have been involved with a website for about 20 years through various transformations and I even dabbled for a few years with community forums. But blogging is by far the NEW forum and it has brought so many Brothers and Sisters in Christ together that it literally staggers my mind at times! The Holy Spirit is ALIVE and well my brother and “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there IS liberty!”
    I love your concept and I am honored and blessed to be able to follow along. As a disabled Minister, I had to find new ways to minister since I could no longer do it from the pulpit. I’ll tell you what, since the Holy Spirit led me to online ministry many years ago, they have been the best times of ministry I have ever experienced!
    So, I look forward to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration through Body ministry, my brothers and sisters in Christ doing what they are gifted to do! To some, I have found they don’t even realize it is a ministry (service) what they do, but when you have a heart to inspire complete strangers, that is action AND demonstration of true Agape Love if there ever is one!!
    God bless, brother I look forward to further reading past AND future posts!!

    1. It was a true blessing to read your comments this morning. Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words. I was one of those people that didn’t realize when I started this blog that it was a ministry until fellowship one day with a brother that pointed this out to me. He was sharing my writings with brothers and sisters that had no access to a computer, and they were finding joy in my writings. Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts with me. God bless, Jay

      1. This is a comment I am giving to ALL the past WP Blogs I used to follow and the links I used to post because of your site. I am the Pastor of Oasis Bible Ministry and I have been away from WordPress for about a year to 14 months. Due to health and computer problems both, I had to quit for a while, but the Lord has been speaking to my heart to get back and do what HE asked me to do. So, I am in the process of doing a new blog, “For the Love of God” under the outreach of Oasis Bible Ministry.

        I am sorry for not being able to let anyone know until now, but I do apologize as so many of you had visited and of course, through that, the Holy Spirit led me to your sites. One of the reasons, I am writing a letter as a form for all, is because I am going through the links I have from before and with your permission, posting them on my blog on a links page. Some of you may already be in the “Blogs I Follow” section, but since it only holds 50 and I like so many more, I thought it is only fitting to make a separate page for the rest of the blogs I like.

        I believe in Body Ministry and gifts that the Holy Spirit equips everybody who calls Christ Jesus Lord, and therefore, it is only fitting to let others see what the Holy Spirit is doing in other areas of His Church. Please believe me; this is NOT an attempt to draw anyone back. That is between the person and the Lord. He called me to do what I do as He called each of you. I just have to do what He says, it is up to Him to draw people to His Word as He gifts me.

        Again, sorry for the inconvenience of those who followed me and then ended up with a “blank gravatar” for I do sincerely apologize. But, I do sincerely pray God’s richest blessings on each of you AND if per chance, you do NOT want me to post your link, I will remove it per your wishes. Again, thanks AND again, God bless you!

    1. Hi Coach! Thank you so much for the nomination. I’m sorry for the delay in responding, my wife’s mother passed away last week and we have been quite busy. This Sunshine Award gave my day some much needed “Sunshine”, thank you. I will post as soon as I can. Again, thanks for the nomination and the kind words. Jay

  3. Great news!!! I posted a new blog on my web page in which I was nominated for the “Harmony and Peace Award.” The best news is that I have also nominated YOU and your blog to receive this this award as well. I really do appreciate and enjoy your blog, so keep up the fantastic work. I hope you not only enjoy this award, but you will use it to encourage others!!
    By the way…how do you make the “Jesus is…(then the names flick around)? I would love to put that on my page. please LMK. Thanks again!

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