The Other Side Of Infamy

the other side of infamy

The Other Side Of Infamy – My Journey Through Pearl Harbor And The World Of War, by Jim Downing.

This book was thrilling to read!  How often do you get to read a book about World War II that is written by someone who actually lived it.  So personal, and so factual.  I loved it.

Jim Downing shares his life story and how, while serving in the US Navy during World War II, he became a Christian. Jim tells us of many first hand experiences of war and its affects on him and the others around him. We learn how, during the war, the Navigators began, and how the War enabled its members to share the gospel with service men and women around the world.

On the back of the book it says;

“Travel with Lieutenant Jim Downing through his distinguished military career as you learn what it means to live a life of faith through every danger, toil, and snare.”

I couldn’t sum it up any better!  Just an outstanding book!

Five star rating - shiny golden stars

I am blessed to have received a copy of this book for free from Tyndale Publishers for review purposes.  I received no other compensation and the review is my own honest opinion of the book.

Have a blessed day, Jay


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