2 Chairs ~ The Secret That Changes Everything – Book Review

featured_image_6d857fe1f63ea6698377e80a4c9f3b032 Chairs – The secret That Changes Everything by Bob Beaudine shows us the importance of engaging God in daily conversations before we do anything else in the morning.

Just before graduating college Beaudine’s mother shared with him “2 Chairs” .  The concept is simple, yet has the power to change your life and your relationship with God.  Beaudine encourages us to find a quiet place and set up 2 chairs.  This could be the kitchen table, family room, den, the porch, even the beach. One chair for you and one chair for God.

She once asked me, “Bob, if there was a one percent chance that God would meet you, would you set up the 2 Chairs?”

There are 3 vital questions that 2 Chairs ask:

  1. Does God know your situation?
  2. Is it too hard for Him to handle?
  3. Does He have a good plan for you?

After addressing these questions Beaudine explains 7 practical steps to help you start your daily encounter with God at your 2 Chairs.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book, and next time your dealing with issues in your life, no matter how big or small, pull up a chair and ask God to join you.

I give this book 412stars  I would have given 5 stars except I thought there was a little too much self promoting of the book at the beginning.

I received a complimentary sample of this book from BuzzPlant for my honest opinion.

God Bless, Jay

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