Mr. And Mrs. How To Thrive In A Perfectly Imperfect Marrige

Don’t be fooled, marriage is hard work and it’s never perfect, so who better to write a Christian marriage advice book than Kurt Bubna, author of Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot, and pastor of Eastpoint Church in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Bubna has a unique style of weaving personal stories with biblical principals that I find so refreshing. And it’s his willingness to open up about his personal experiences that make this book so special.

The book opens with the best explanation of the difference between a “contract marriage” and a “covenant marriage” that I have ever read. “A contract marriage is rigid, unkind, impatient, and demanding. A covenant marriage gives the grace and freedom we each need to grow and develop”. Bubna expands on this one example and if this was the only chapter you read, your marriage is on its way to being stronger than it ever has been.

Bubna continues on to other topics including communication, conflict, what men want, what women want, and yes, sex. He dives into each topic with honesty, truth, and personal experience. No topic is sidestepped, glossed over, Bubna delivers with a raw straightforwardness that makes this book such a vital tool in strengthening a perfectly imperfect marriage.

Bubna also included some very valuable resources that will strengthen any relationship, Marriage Communication Inventory, Affection Reflection, Sex Opinion Questionnaire and Couples Discussion Guideline, and a list of recommended reading.

I highly recommend this book for newlyweds, longtime married couples, and also singles. Start your marriage on the path to a stronger more meaningful union by picking up this book. You won’t regret it.

5 out of 5 stars! You can buy the book HERE

I received a complementary copy of Mr. & Mrs. from Essential Life Press solely for the purpose of my own honest opinion of the book.

One thought on “Mr. And Mrs. How To Thrive In A Perfectly Imperfect Marrige

  1. Love the review, but more importantly Brother, yours is the second article I’ve read this week about the SACRAMENT (or covenant) of marriage, something that I am currently working on!! The Holy Spirit knows just when to drop these nuggets of treasure into our hearts and spirit!!! Brother Jay, I’ve been serving the Lord for 40 plus years and I still get awed by His ways of doing things!! Our loving Lord knows exactly what it takes to keep His children energized so they can accomplish His will through us!!!
    I’m working on the fact that a marriage is NOT a contract as the world believes, but rather a Sacrament, a Covenant, something that binds two people spiritually before God. It doesn’t matter if a person doesn’t believe it, unbelief doesn’t change what it truly is, it just changes as you stated in the Homeless article it matters how we act in it! This is why the enemy has gone after the family unit so vehemently. The Sacrament of marriage is a clear type of the binding of the Church, the true Bride of Christ, to Christ Jesus, the Bridegroom. It IS an eternal thing, for the Bride of Christ, the Church will become ONE with Jesus! That is why the Word tells us that two shall become one. Spiritually, we truly do and it goes way beyond just the soul-ish bond that unites two people and as we allow Christ and His Spirit the freedom to move in each of us, that Spiritual bond is established. That is why LOVE, Godly love will not pass away when all the other Fruit and attributes of a righteous life in Christ will. It is the love, the Agape love that joins two souls, hearts and spirit into the one. That is what will happen when the Church joins with Christ, it will be an eternal spiritual bond and that is why Christ is so adamant about His Word being a part of our lives. It’s not just the doing, but it becomes the BEING, the Word. As Paul stated, we become LIVING Epistles.
    I have been married for just over forty two years and the Lord has BLESSED me in so many ways in our marriage. Susie and I have been through the valleys, but those valleys have become less and less, as the Holy Spirit is binding us in that spiritual miracle that is a type of the Church’s union with Christ!!
    Okay, I could keep going on and on, but I can’t help but get excited!! We are living in a time of volatility, but yet a time of tremendous spiritual awakening in those that the Lord has called to Himself!!! I can’t HELP but be excited!!
    God bless you my friend for you awesome insight, you heart of service to all of us and the Lord whom we do serve and for your listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit and your willingness to follow through. I follow a lot of inspirational blogs, but there are a few that are near and dear to my heart and yours has been one since I began this “blogging” journey!! Again, God bless you and yours my brother!

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