She Calls Me Daddy

She Calls Me Daddy,
7 Things You Need To Know About Building a Complete Daughter” by Robert Wolgemuth

This is going
to be the most
unbelievable project
you’ve ever tackled.
5 out of 5 stars

This book, which was originally released in 1996 and has sold over 300,000 copies, has now been updated by the author with over 40% of the book being comprised of new material.  The book was great back then and its even better now.  Having built (raised) two daughters of my own I can tell you that if there ever was a owners manual on how to raise a daughter, this is it!

Wolgemuth artfully explains that there are seven critical foundational elements in building a complete daughter.

  1. Protect your daughter
  2. Teach the art of conversation
  3. Express affection
  4. Discipline appropriately
  5. Create laughter
  6. Instill faith in God
  7. Demonstrate proper conduct

Each chapter ends with a Builders Checklist which summarizes the tools you need to build the foundational element in the chapter.  I thought this part was a brilliant idea.  I wish I could tell you my favorite, or the most important foundational element in building a complete daughter, but I can’t, they are all equally important and Wolgemuth shows you why each one is needed to build your complete daughter.  Miss one element and your daughter will be incomplete.

Being the father
of a girl can be a
journey into the great
unknown, and it makes
no sense to go it alone.

Every new father needs to read this book, and even if you are already a father of a son and you find yourself blessed with a little pink bundle, you need this book just as much as the new father.  Girls are different, trust me I know.  In the pages of this book you will find encouragement, and the practical guidance you will need on your journey of growing a confident, God-honoring woman who will (still) call you daddy.

You can get the book HERE, and you can read an excerpt of the book here

I am blessed to have received a copy of this book for free from Tyndale Publishers for review purposes.  I received no other compensation and the review is my own honest opinion of the book.

Parents of two daughters and grandparents of five, Robert and Bobbie Wolgemuth are the authors of more than 20 books. Robert’s best-selling titles include She Calls Me Daddy, the notes to the Devotional Bible for Dads, and The Most Important Place on Earth. Bobbie’s books include the Gold Medallion best seller Hymns for a Kid’s Heart, coauthored with Joni Eareckson Tada.
They have had the privilege of nurturing their own children’s faith. Now Robert and Bobbie celebrate as the next generation is being led to Jesus Christ.


Giving Away A Handmade American Patriot Pen

Scott at Trails of Life is great craftsman and writer. He is currently having a giveaway where he is giving away one of his handcrafted pens. I urge you to go over to his site, enter the contest and check out his posts. Blessings, Jay

Trails of Life

If you have followed this blog for a while, you know that one of my passions is crafts, more specifically woodworking and turning handmade pens.

In January, I launched another website/blog called Four Oaks Crafts. I created this new site to showcase some of my works, sell some handmade pens, and help others discover the joys of crafting. I don’t plan to quit my day job anytime soon, but who knows where this could lead me in the future.

How did I arrive at the name? The “four” represents my four immediate family members. And the mighty oak tree represents strength. God has bless me with a godly and loving wife and two wonderful kids. Together, and with God’s help, they have strengthened me, helping me grow emotionally and spiritually.

To thank you the reader and to give something back, I am holding a giveaway over at my new website:

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How Do We Define Success?

The following post was written by Pastor and Author Kurt Bubna.  Kurt wrote the book “Epic Grace” which I have reread several times and I find his regular posts on a true joy to read.  I encourage you to check out his website and his book Epic Grace which you can get HERE.

How Do You Define Success? By


SuccessIn our culture, we underrate failure and overrate success. In fact, I recently did an Amazon search for “how to succeed” and found 27,857 books listed. Seriously, that’s a lot of noise out there about success, but I fear too many insights about this issue have got it dead wrong. Frankly, a lot of pastors wrestle with this issue on a regular basis (myself included).

Several years ago, a middle-aged pastor named Tom came to me extremely discouraged. He told me, “I’ve spent my entire life trying to succeed at something . . . anything . . . but the golden ring is always just out of reach. No matter what I do, my church just won’t grow.”

I asked him an important question, “Tell me how you define success?” Without blinking, he rattled off a list of measurables and goals that “must be met” (his words) for him to feel accomplished as a pastor. Most of them had to do with attendance numbers and recognition by his peers.

I gently pushed back and responded, “What if success is different than you think? Is it possible you’ve been reaching for the wrong golden ring?” The look on his face was telling as I took just five minutes to redefine for him how God defines success.

How God defines success: read the rest of the article here

Faith Is No Faith If It Depends On Miracles

Lord, my faith is no faith at all if it depends on whether or not You perform a miracle for me or for someone I love. And yet I believe that miracles do happen. So I ask You to look with compassion on my prayer and to grant the desires of my heart. Whether Your answer is yes or no, now or later, I trust that You hear me, that You understand my distress, and that You will act with compassion.