When My Focus Is On You

IMG_4332Heavenly Father, every day brings its share of challenges and joys, uncertainties and blessings. When my focus is on the You, the One who controls the heavens and the earth, it is then that I realize how blessed I am, and I know that when I keep my eyes on You I will never be alone. 

2 thoughts on “When My Focus Is On You

  1. Don’t mean to “hog” your comments, but this is another great image AND devotion. There is this misunderstanding that we should place God first, then family, church, job and whatever order most believe, but God should be first. If you look at that on a graph but especially a pie-chart, you see a circle with a large slice, appropriated for God and of course worshipping Him and prayer and so forth.
    As I said, that’s a misunderstanding and the reason I love your image above is because God should have our ALL! Not first, second or anything less than ALL! If we do that and continue to “practice” putting Him ahead of everything, our family, job, church, relationships and everything comprising our life falls under our relationship with Him and when He IS our all, the everything else is a gift from HIM!
    Again, Brother Jay, great insight and another great illustrated message!! God bless and keep up the good fight my brother. My prayers are with you and yours!

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