2 thoughts on “After A Rain

  1. There are those Brother Jay, who would say that the sign of the rainbow is a New Age symbol. But the truth be told, I believe we as Christians, followers of Christ Jesus, should take back from the world, the promises and assurances given to us by our Heavenly Father and every time I see a Rainbow, I think of His promise to mankind as a whole and to us as His children! This is a great picture and one I truly love. Been making the rounds today, as I have so many sites I now support, it takes me a bit to get around, but I try to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and I know He truly led me here today. I have always loved the inspiration you seem to supply to your Brothers and Sisters in word AND images! God bless you for this one for me today!!

  2. Reblogged this on FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and commented:
    I am ALWAYS reminded of God’s promise to not just mankind as a whole, but to His children as well. The world and especially the New Age movement would like to twist the promise of God, but as His children we need to remember that He gave this symbol to us as a remembrance! I thank Brother Jay Windwalker for posting this and if you haven’t visited his site, you will really be blessed by visiting!

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