My wife is the most amazing woman I know.


My wife is the most amazing woman I know.  The main reason that my wife is so special is that she possess’s all the amazing traits of both her mom and dad.  It is because of these incredible parents that she lives a constant life of love that she has displayed to not only our family, but to everyone that crosses her path.

This life of love is displayed in many ways, but one that stands out the most  is the way that she prays for our family. One of the greatest memories I have of my wife is her tucking our daughters into bed at night and praying over them. I am confident that it was those prayers that protected our daughters from danger, wrong paths, and even poor decisions.

The second attribute that really stands out about my wife is how she gives. For as long as I have known her, she was always giving, whether it be in acts of service, generosity, or compassion. She has always been the type of woman that pours out love in tangible ways to others. I have often heard people say that when my wife walks in the room, you just feel loved. She portrays this love with her warm embrace, sweet encouraging words, and selfless attitude. I can truly say with everything in me that our daughters carry on this amazing trait.  We need more women like them in this world that is in growing need of love, encouragement, and compassion.

The most beautiful thing about my wife is that I don’t even have to be around her every day to know how she spends her time. I know by the fruit that is growing in her life that she stays connected to the ‘vine’ and author of life, who is Jesus. Because of her rich and vibrant heart for the Lord, His life flows through her onto others in a beautiful and effortless way.

It has been said that being a mom is one of life’s most rewarding jobs, all while being the most difficult at the same time.  My dear wife, I want to encourage you that every prayer you have ever prayed for your family has not gone in vain. Even when it seemed like it wasn’t really doing much or that you weren’t seeing the fruit, I can promise you that every time you prayed a prayer of protection, that those prayers shaped our daughters destiny’s…and they are powerful!

I want to encourage you that your constant giving is making a lasting impact on your family and those around you.. You might feel some days like you have nothing left to give, but I can promise you that every ounce of love, encouragement, compassion, and comfort is never wasted. Whether you know it or not, every time that you give of yourself, you are shining Jesus in a tangible way…which I can guarantee stands out in this world today.

And last but not least, I want to encourage you that the Lord sees you. He sees your heart and He knows how hard you work for your family every single day. He doesn’t look at your imperfections or even your less than perfect actions, but He looks on your heart. He knows that your greatest desire is to be the best mother to your family. For this, He is so proud of you, and not a day goes by that He is not cheering you on!

To my wife and all mom’s every where, Happy Mothers Day!

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