“Have I fallen, strayed to far, to receive God’s grace?”

Falling Rain

Back in November I had the privilege to write a review on the book Epic Grace – Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot (Tyndale) by Kurt Bubna.  The books title couldn’t be any better, for it is, EPIC.  I have found myself time and time again, picking the book up and rereading the countless passages that I underlined back in November.  Since that time more underlining has been done.  More contemplating, more praying, and more importantly, a deeper understanding of God’s epic grace.

Since my first read of the book I have taken every opportunity to spread the word of this, in my words, life changing book.  A few months ago a co-worker overheard me talking about the book and approached me about the book when no one was around.  She asked about God’s grace.  She was concerned about her husband that had taken ill and was looking at a risky operation, a long hospital stay and recover.  Her concerns were also her husbands, “Have I fallen, strayed to far, to receive God’s grace?”  I told her I would get her the book and that both of them should read it.  Before the end of the day she told me that at lunchtime she ran over to the book store and bought the book.  She said that she couldn’t wait as her leave from work started that day.  For the next few weeks she would be by her husbands side as he took on the battle of his life.

That was weeks ago, fast forward to just a few days ago.  My co-worker is back to work, her husband is progressing better than expected.  She looks better herself, better than she had for a long time.  Her first words to me when she saw me, Thank you!”  I said for what?  “For the book, it helped us so much, more than you’ll ever know.”  She went on to tell me that while her husband was in the hospital she read the book to him everyday.  Cover to cover, and then again.  “We never understood God’s grace before.” she said.  “My husband was afraid that he had screwed up to much in his life to think God would want him back.  He was wrong.”  She said that the book helped them get through a very difficult and scary time.  The smile on her face said it all.

If you have doubts, questions, or want a better understanding of God’s Epic Grace, please, get the book.  You will not be disappointed.  If you know of someone that is struggling, get them the book.


“If we let him, God uses difficult people to mold us into his image.  They teach us patience.  They teach us how to die to ourselves, how to lay down our lives for the sake of another.  They teach us how to be more like Jesus.  They stretch us into far reaches of his epic grace.” Epic Grace – Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot (Tyndale) by Kurt Bubna

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