Life Beyond A Phone Screen

I just recently came across this blog and I’m so happy I did. This post that I’m sharing couldn’t have come at a better time. Recently I deleted facebook off my iphone, go some what off the grid, and get back to a simpler time when a shared cup of coffee and a warm conversation was face to face and not screen to screen. Isn’t it time that we all reconnect with each other? I hope you read this post and decide to put the phone down and look someone in the eyes again and smile. God bless you today, Jay


His dying breath has brought me life. I know that it is finished.
If His grace is an ocean we’re all sinking. 
Hope is stirring. Hearts are yearning for You.
Freely You’ve bled for us. 
Your love never fails. It never gives up. 

Across the hall my brother’s tenor voice sings these words as his fingers strum his six-string guitar. Those sweet, encouraging words full of promise and a life worth living.

“…I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

 Serenity Photography

The photo above is a photo of my pastor’s 3 week old baby boy, Christian. At times I forget that I was that small once. As life does happen, the adolescent years arrived too quickly. I fought them as much as I could until maturity prevailed. Before I knew it baby dolls, barbies, and dress-up clothes were in the attic. And I had entered a new stage in…

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