Are You Still Amazed?


“Once upon a time, I too was messed up, broken, bound by sin and living a lie, but because of grace, that’s not the end of my story or yours. The moment we wander too far from the tale of our redemption is the day we lose the wonder of grace.”  Kurt Bubna

The following is a blog post by Epic Grace Author Kurt Bubna.  If your wondering about grace, if you’ve forgotten about God’s grace, or if you think you are just too messed up and broken to receive God’s amazing and Epic Grace, you need to read this.

What do you think of when you hear the word grace? An old hymn? What some say as a prayer before consuming large quantities of food? Or maybe you flashback to a former girlfriend from Ohio?

If you’re a theologian or professional Christian, you might drift to the Greek. If you’re a new believer, the word undoubtedly has taken on a deeper meaning for you. However, if you’ve been around this church-thang for a while, I wonder if grace is still amazing to you.  Continue reading…

You can read my book review of Epic Grace HERE


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