Prototype by Jonathan Martin – The Review

PrototypeJonathan Martin has written an eye opener of a book with Prototype, What happens when you discover your more like Jesus than you think?  From beginning to end Jonathan uses personal stories, humor, scripture and at times statements that make you wake up and take notice that your are more like Jesus than you realize.  That you are God’s beloved.

I always like it when I find the ‘what if’s” in a book, and Jonathan hit me with some great ones just pages into the book.

“What if the ultimate goal of everything Jesus said and did was not to get us to believe certain things about Him, but to become like Him?  What if it were possible to become fully human in all ways that Jesus was?  What if Jesus were God’s prototype for a whole new way of being human?”

Through out the book Jonathan shows us that we need to completely trust that God loves us just like Jesus did.  Understand that we are God’s beloved, and be confident in who we are and what are purpose is.  Jesus understood that he was God’s beloved and, as Jonathan perfectly puts it, “unlike every other person in human history….He never forgot.”  Prototype will help you realize you can be more like Jesus, and you are more like Jesus than you realize.

I also received a DVD curriculum by the same name. The DVD is divided into six sessions about 15 minutes in length each. Each session is a recap of the chapters and I believe would be very beneficial in a small group setting. The DVD also includes a Leader’s Guide.  The DVD is perfect for a small group curriculum of any age. 

You can read an excerpt of the book HERE   

You can find Prototype at Barnes&Noble and Amazon.

Overall rating – 5 out of 5 stars.

About the Author

Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin leads the liars, dreamers, and misfits of Renovatus, a Church for People Under Renovation, in Charlotte, North Carolina. He holds degrees from Gardner-Webb University, the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, and Duke University Divinity School. He is married to Amanda, and is unafraid to be seen walking his small dog, Cybil.

I am blessed to have received a copy of this book and DVD for free from Tyndale Publishers for review purposes.  I received no other compensation and the review is my own honesty opinion of the book.


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