Do You Think Your Rich?


It’s been a quiet and productive Sunday morning for me so far. I still have much to do today but I want to take the time today to ask my WordPress family a very simple question, “Do you think you are rich?” Most probably answered NO immediately without giving the question much thought. Let me help you answer this question with a resounding YES!
If you have a job and work 5 days a week and can buy 7 days worth of food…your rich.
If you have a roof over your head 7 nights a week…your rich.
If you have heat and never fret about having it shut off this winter due to non-payment…your rich.
If you have family and friends that love you and will be there for you when your in need…..your rich.
If your days are filled with love and laughter….you are incredibly RICH!

My point, we are richer than we think because we take these things and many more for granted. We are sometimes blind to the fact that there are so many out there that do not have the things I have listed.

I learned today that 127 households, (this includes small children, the elderly and people with disabilities) are right now, today, homeless in my community. That’s a big problem. I’m sitting in a warm home with a hot cup of coffee enjoying surfing the net, they are not. I’m awaiting the return of my beautiful family from up north, they are not. I’m going out to buy Christmas gifts today, they are not. I’m rich, they are not.

I’ll share one other tidbit with you. I had the floors at my store waxed and buffed over night and I came in at about 6am to let the floor crew out. As they are loading their equipment into their trailer I notice in the dark, over in a corner by the dumpster, an elderly man wrapping up his blankets into a trash bag, picking up his walking cane and called to his dog, “It’s time to go Buddy”. It was 17 degrees out. I AM RICH!

I have always believed that when the day comes that I stand before God, he will not reward me for what I left behind, but what I gave away when I had the chance, the blessing I bestowed on others rather than blessing myself with more and more.

My eyes are open to the needs of other now more than ever before. I will step up and help those in my community that are sleeping without the warmth and shelter that they deserve. I look around to what I have, and it may not be much to some peoples standings, but it is more than enough to allow me to help someone without.

This Christmas season, the present I want most of all, and I truly mean this, is for you to really look at others, see a need, and fulfill it. If you don’t see a need, ask! Start with your own family. Do you really know what your spouse needs? Your children?  Do you know what they are really in need of right now? It could be time spent together, a shoulder to cry on, understanding in a difficult situation they are going through, a bill paid, a car repair, a hug, or the need to hear you say “I Love You”. It is that simple. Be the blessing God made you to be.

What a joyous Christmas this would be if we all could do this!


One thought on “Do You Think Your Rich?

  1. Thou art the treasure of my heart. All that I am lies within you. The eye cannot see, yet I do. The ears do not heart, still I hear. The mind cannot grasp, but my heart knows. I can’t seem to touch you, yet you touch me. You have my love always.

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