Dad With Terminal Cancer Gives Family a Special Gift

The following story was documented by Fotolanthropy (, a non profit organization that documents inspiring true stories of people that have overcome adversity. Photos by Fotocrew members Matt and Julie Weddings (

After finding out that he had only months to live, Fred Evans decided to give his daughters a special present. He walked his two unmarried daughters down the aisle and gave them his blessing for their future marriages.

Fred was recovering from a lung transplant when doctors discovered that his skin cancer had spread. Because of the medication taken for the transplant, Fred would not be able to endure chemotherapy. Doctors gave Fred months to live.

Though devastated by the news, Fred and wife Karla vowed to keep living each moment of life to the fullest. On a special day in a chapel, they planned a surprise ceremony for their two daughters, Gracie and Kate. They told them that there was something special planned and had them arrive at different times. At the chapel, Fred put on a tuxedo, had a bouquet ready, and waited by the door. Then the hour came and the first daughter arrived. Fred told her that this was the day that he gives his blessing for marriage, in case he’s not there when the time comes. He did the same when the second daughter came. They were instantly in tears. Fred proceeded to walk each of his daughters down the aisle to a special song that he picked out.

After walking his daughters, Fred announced that he had one more bride to walk. He then presented a special bouquet to his wife Karla, much to her surprise. They walked down the aisle one last time and renewed their marriage vows.

Fred Evans died on July 25, 2013, and he didn’t get to see his two daughters married. However, he leaves behind great memories and some amazing pictures from that special surprise that he gave his family. In a way, he’ll be there with them when the special day does come for his two daughters.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

1 Corinthians 13:7


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