It was like God was telling me


Stranger gives man a new car in a random act of kindness

The kindness of a stranger paid off in a big way for a Ringgold, GA man. The man was down on his luck and needed a new car. He says his prayers were answered when a new one was given to him Thursday.

Cody Abercrombie has been working at the same Ringgold restaurant for the past 4 years. Before that, he worked in Tiftonia and would make the four hour, one-way trip on his bike to get to work on time. He is a very dedicated worker and it is that dedication that a complete stranger recognized.

The sound if his new Explorer starting up is music to Cody Abercrombie’s ears. It beats the 30 minute bike ride or the one hour walk to his job in Ringgold.

“It’s good. It’s a blessing,” says Abercrombie.

Cody is a quiet guy and was down on his luck when his old car bit the dust. Enter Mark Sexton, a frequent customer of Cody’s.

“He was in a great mood. He was just sharing his story with me, didn’t ask for anything, didn’t complain about riding the bike. It just kind of hit me about how dedicated you’d have to be to work to ride a bicycle everyday,” says Sexton.

And that is when Mark decided to take action.

“It didn’t really hit me until I got out in the parking lot. I couldn’t leave. It was like God was telling me that I needed to try and help the kid out. I didn’t go back in. I just made a post on Facebook basically as a prayer request,” says Sexton.

And it snowballed from there. People started donating money to help buy Cody a new car.

“I really didn’t think anything about it and then he shows up and everything and helps me out and them I’m like, miracles do happen,” says Abercrombie.

“Me and my wife dropped it off around 3 o’clock and he came out and looked at it and he was beyond excited. He couldn’t believe it,” says Sexton.

For Cody, it is not only a new car, but also a better assurance for providing for his family.

When asked why he is so dedicated, Abercrombie says, “I guess you’ve got to be dedicated to work and everything to prove that you do want to keep your job.”

“Maybe the story will touch somebody and they’ll try to go out and do the same thing,” says Sexton.

“I just thank God for Him blessing Mark and Mark helping me out,” says Abercrombie.

About 15 people total helped raise the money to buy the car.

Mark can not emphasize enough that any employer would be lucky to have Cody’s work-ethic and positivity. He hopes that his act of kindness is contagious and others open their eyes to how they can help strangers in their communities.

Story via Suspended Coffee Facebook

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