We Are His Workmanship

Be the you god created
photo courtesy of Tony Evans

My intent was to write about scripture every Sunday, but that didn’t happen last Sunday.  I felt awful about it, it was getting late and I was gonna sit down and rush through it to keep my plan, and then I stopped…..I was trying to keep my plan, not God’s plan.  I sat back down in the recliner and reflected on the day.  My wife was up north with her mom who is going through treatment for her cancer, my daughter had to work all day, and I was blessed with spending a full day by myself with my energetic, full of life, adventure seeking, always happy and always filled with love grandson Lincoln James….and I smiled.  God’s plan was so much better.

This Sunday I went with the flow and God’s plan had time for me to read, reflect and write.  Last Sunday is gone by the lesson remains, God’s plan is the only plan and I received the blessings of letting my plans go and following God’s.  I had time today for more than one scripture so here’s the first.

Yet you,  Lord , are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.

Isaiah 64:8

In this verse the Lord says He wants us to be as clay in His hands. If you stop top think about it, a potter will take the clay in his hands, work it, roll it, and shape it according to any design he wants. The Lord doesn’t ask us how He should bring us to the condition He desires. Each person has their own character, demeanor, and traits; the Lord deals with each person accordingly, as an individual.  We must become as clay in the hand of the Potter, making no resistance to whatever the Lord will make of us. When we unconditionally surrender ourselves to whatever the Lord will make of us, we find peace.

Remember this; a long time ago the great painter Michelangelo came across a very large block of marble.  It was beautiful.  He looked at the block of marble and said he saw an angel inside just waiting for the chance to get out.  He picked up a chisel and hammer and began the chiseling process.

In very much the same way we God is always at work on us.  We are his workmanship

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