52 Sundays with the Lord



My goal with 52 Sundays is to spend quality time each Sunday with the Lord.

I will;

LISTEN;  I will take time to read God’s word and learn His will.  The Bible is God’s love letter to us, expressing His tender thoughts to us.  It’s also a perfect blueprint for building the character God wants in all of us.  I will quiet myself and LISTEN.

TALK;  I will take time to pray, pray about everything.  My prayers will be more than “give me”, they will include confessions, praise, and thanskgiving.  My prayers will be of needs, not wants.  I will TALK to God more often.

PLAN;  I will take time to understand that we are to live according to God’s plan, not ours.  As I worship I will look for specific ways that I can do things that please God, my acts shall demonstrate that He is controlling my life.  I will follow God’s PLAN.

WRITE;  I will take time to really understand God’s word by writing about Scripture each Sunday.  My focus will be on what it means to me and how I can apply it to my life.  I will WRITE with a humble heart and a desire to carry out God’s plan.

Note;  Although I love to write, I have never done something like this before.  Comments and suggestions are welcomed as I start this journey of enlightenment.

Thanks for stopping by,  God Bless

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